The Brotherhood of the Rockhurst High School Swim and Dive team

Topics: Diving, Swimming, Goal Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: September 20, 2011
Jake Scovell
Mr. Jones
English III
25 August 2011
The dictionary defines brotherhood in two ways. The first is, the condition or quality of being a brother or brothers. The second is, all those engaged in a particular trade or profession or sharing a common interest or quality. These two definitions of brotherhood show the basic criteria of a brotherhood. The one thing the definition does not put into perspective is the deep brotherhood of the Rockhurst High School Swim & Dive team. The Rockhurst High School Swim & Dive team is a brotherhood. The brotherhood of the Rockhurst High School Swim & Dive team shows that they are not an individual based team, they do everything together, and they are a goal driven team. The Rockhurst High School Swim & Dive team is not an individual based team. It takes a whole team to win, not just one person. It’s not just how the best swimmer or diver does in his meet. If diving is at the beginning of the meet it sets the stage for swimming and vice-versa. Though swimming and diving are two different sports, they comprise one team. Even when a slower swimmer steps up, though he may not score points, it is a big deal to the team. For example, at a meet the team will thrive off of how each teammate does in the meet, whether it is Junior Varsity (JV) or Varsity. The varsity team loves to hear when the JV guys have dropped time or reached some of their goals. Last year for example, the JV team was at the league championship as the Varsity guys practiced for State, the Varsity guys rushed through their own practice because they heard how great JV was dong and they wanted to be there to show their support. The entire team is behind the lane of someone swimming their race, cheering. Coach Wink always says, “No one swims alone.” At every meet there are at least 5-7 guys behind the lane cheering on other teammates. In addition to not being an individual based team, the Rockhurst High School Swim & Dive team does everything together....
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