The Broken Family

Topics: Family, Sibling, Mother Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: September 18, 2013
I Come From a Broken Family
You Can Survive
I guess you could say my life is crazy. Or sad. There are so many things you can say to describe it. I don't really know were to begin, but i guess the beginning is the best place to start. In 2010, my family decided to move to Las Vegas in hopes that my dad could get a job as a metro police officer. Things worked out and he got the job. Over the next year, we bought a large house in a nice neighborhood and my mom became a teacher. I have an older brother and younger sister and we all got along really well. My mother was the kind of person that you could just get along with. She's my best friend. She loved my dad and would get him cards and candy almost everyday. The only problem was my dad was the complete opposite of her. She was outgoing, funny, loving and caring. My dad was quiet, shy, serious and kept to himself. Me and my sister got along with him really well and i thought he was a good dad, even though he didn't do much with us. My brothers relationship with my dad wasn't normal. Everything my brother did was wrong in my dad's eyes and over the years they quit talking to each other, unless my dad was yelling at him or my brother was defending himself. During one month, i noticed my mother was was acting strange and when i asked her what was wrong, she told me what was happening. One night after dinner. My dad had gone upstairs like he always had and my mom was angry because she made a nice dinner for him and he hadn't spoken during the whole time we ate. She went upstairs and asked him what his deal was and she told me that he had sat down in the bathroom and began to cry. His exact words were, "I don't want to have a family" My mom had begun to panic and they decided they would try to work it out. I remember the next year i had come home and my dad had moved out and was staying in a house he had been renting for the past year, giving us the idea that he was cheating on my mom. My mom had given up and she...
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