The Broadway Cafe Advantage

Topics: 21st century, Information technology, Barriers to entry Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: November 10, 2010
Exercise One: The Broadway Café

This exercise will develop a competitive Advantage for the Broadway Café. The café has been in business since 1952 and has never had a single competitor in the neighborhood. Now that the café may have a competition will affect the business. Therefore the café need to develop a new strategic direction to bring the café into the 21st century. •Describe your strategy for addressing your employees’ concerns, building loyalty among your customers, and remaining competitive in a changing market? Developing a strategy will help to communicate goals and priorities to employees. It would also improve manages and employees’ abilities to make the right decisions in their day to day work. Inform the employees of the upcoming challenges and let them know that the company values their opinions and concerns regardless of the economic. As owner of the Broadway café would have to have conversation with the customer will be essential to build their trust and loyalty, so that they continue to shop at café. The best way to keep the customers inform is to make sure that they are inform of all the changes in the café. To keep customers updated and engaged will had to get up-to-date with the technology by acquiring a computer get engage in the new social networks like Facebook and Twitter are essential to build a communication with the current and future customers. Update Facebook and Twitter on occasion asking customers if they have any question or concerns about your café. With this steps will help to build a competitive in the changing market. Be sure to use information technology in your solutions and include environmental scanning, competitive advantages, and first-mover advantages. Information technology is one of the most important in a business in order to keep any business data storages

Perform a detailed porter’s five force analysis for the Broadway Café, addressing each force in one or two sentence and defining...
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