The British School System

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The British Schoolsystem

General facts:
educational system of GB distinguished of big variety
by different aims and structures of various types of schools every child shall be allowed to have the possibilities of education that correspond to his talent different class stages are not called “classes” in the UK as it is the case in America, but “years” (e.g. year 7, year 3, year 10 and so on) school starts at 9 o’clock when years gather for the assembly (which differs from school to school) after two periods there is a break of 20 minutes and when 3rd period ends there is a big lunchbreak which lasts 1 hour school ends at 3.35 pm

mostly school uniform wanted (in colours of school)
private schools are called public schools in UK (differs from USA where public schools are public) students don’t have to pay money for school if they don’t visit a private school

Lawful bases:
legally child is of school age when it reaches the age of 5, obligation ends when student turns 16

Application and admission:
parents decide for most suitable school for their child
apply and then take place at an interview (because often too many students applying for one school) depending on aims of school are chosen

Educational system:

I.Primary School:
divided in part 1 and part 2
1st part for 7-10 year olds
parents can also decide whether they want to give their child to nursery school for 2-5 year olds children educated on low level
2nd part for 8-11 year olds

II.Secondary schools:
for 12-16 year olds
mostly called community college (if state school); are for all the “normal” students they are called comprehensive schools
last type of secondary schools = grammar schools, are for very intelligent students; have to pass a test when they want to go there; grammar schools are similar to german gymnasium after 11th year students pass GCSE-Exam (general certificate of secondary education) after...
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