The Bride Price

Topics: Marriage, Family, Buchi Emecheta Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: July 5, 2013
Theme of Bride Price
The Bride Price, a story written by Buchi Emecheta, reflects a misery life of a Nigerian girl, Aku-nna. The absent of her father in the family had dramatically changed her life. Her bride price that she would get before getting married caused many troubles within her family. After reading this story, we can see the practice of customs, the system of value and the belief of local Nigerians are the main themes discussed in the story. First of all, it's about practice of customs. As you might know it in the story, people in the story took their customs seriously. One of the customs is that a girl whose hair was cut by a man would become the man's wife for her whole life. Therefore, every girl in the story was very caution with some men waiting cut her hair and not wanting to pay for the bride price. Another custom is that a girl whose husband died would become her husband's brother's wife regardless he was single or married and she could not refuse it. Plus, everything the husband had had was also inherited. Included everything, Ma Blackie, after her husband’s death, was inherited to her husband’s brother, which was very shocked. For this reason, we can say the customs at that time was conservative and bizarre.

Secondly, the story reflects how badly people treat those who were slaves or whose ancestors used to be slaves. The system value was completely awful that people were full of prejudice ideas. Like Chike, whose ancestors were slaves, fell in love with a girl of a free family, but he was being separated by her family and his family's enemy. Being one of teachers of Ibuza, and Akuna's teacher, he was very well educated, but the thing is his family used to be slaves. Therefore, no matter how well educated he was, he couldn't marry a girl of a free family. In addition to the system value, people considered men as superior to women. Every family wanted to have a male child rather than a female child as they believed the female could not...
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