The Breakfast Club

Topics: Janitor, School discipline, Abuse Pages: 5 (2044 words) Published: October 28, 2008
The Breakfast Club was a 1980’s movie that took a look at five high school students. They were all sentenced to a day of Saturday morning detention. All though all five come from different cliques and walks of life they all come together to discuss and work out there lives, problems, and insecurities. The main characters include Claire, Allison, Andy, Brian, and John. They are all stuck in the schools library under the careful watch of the Principle Richard Vernon. All this was accompanied by a little appearance of the lowly but witty school janitor.

Claire noted to be the “princess” plays the popular girl in the movie. She was given the Saturday detention because she decided to skip class to go shopping at the mall. She is the daughter of two parents that are divorced and hate each other. They use Claire as pawn in there little game to upset each other. She is very aware to this because she notes it while they are doing there group therapy. She hates the fact that she has to follow what her group does and that she can’t go on her own and do, say, and wear the stuff she wants. She also finds solace in the fact that she is “a cherry” or the fact that she is a virgin who hasn’t really done anything with a person of the opposite sex. The character John Bender uses her fragile nature to get a rise out her frequently in the movie. Bender harasses her asking questions like if she would go out with a guy that had elephantitus of the balls, or when Claire shows the group her talent of putting on lipstick using her cleavage as a holding point of the lipstick container. He questions her eating habits when she reveals that for lunch she is going to have sushi. Claire at one point states that she hates Bender and storms away from her even though at the closing of the movie Bender and Claire are hinted to start dating as you see them kiss and then Claire hands over one of her diamond earrings for Bender to wear.

Andy is the athlete. He is a jock that is pushed into mostly everything from his demanding father who won’t tolerate anything, but winning. Andy and Bender immediately begin butting heads. At one point they get into a real altercation which leads to Bender revealing he has a knife and that if he wanted to he could kill him, but it wouldn’t be worth it because he wouldn’t want to have been sued. Andy’s major problem is that he can’t think for himself. He found his way into detention partly do to him wanting to appease his father. His father always told Andy of all the times they fooled around in school and had fun and raised hell. One day after wrestling practice he saw a nerd and one of Brian’s friends Larry Lester. He noticed his week stature and small build so he decides to make his father proud. He takes the tape he was using to tape up his knee and tackles Larry to the floor and tapes his buns together. He is very sorry, remorseful, and apologetic for what he did to Larry. He outs himself in Larry’s shoes and what it had to have felt like for Larry to come home and tell his parents what happened. At this point Andy is in tears and stuns the audience when he so desperately wants out of what he is doing he wishes that one of his knees would give and end his career so he couldn’t be driven to be number one. Andy early on seems to have a connection with Allison. They go on the soda trip together. And after she shares the contents of her purse with everyone he confronts her alone.

John Bender is the “criminal” of the group. He is in detention regularly, but on this occasion he is put in detention because the Friday before he pulled a false fire alarm. Throughout the movie is given 2 months full of detention for various acts of defiance and snarky comments. John Bender comes from an abusive home. He only mentions his father who is a drunk that physically and emotionally abuses his son. He is always talking down to Bender and at one point Bender reveals a cigar burn mark his father gave him when he spilled paint in...
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