The Brave Little Parrot

Topics: Bird, Eagle, Golden Eagle Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Brave Little Parrot
-Buddhist Legend
1] Literal comprehension:- The story ‘The Brave Little Parrot’ is taken from the Buddhist Legend. In the story, Buddha was reborn as a parrot. One stormy day a fire broke out in jungle. All the animals were terrified, they were trying to run in safe area but they were trapped in firely area. The little parrot was flying , he saw those animals and changed his mind. He was determined to save, protect them as he was Buddha. He flew to the river dipped down into the river and flew into the jungle and sprinkled drops of water in fire. But that vanished quickly. Though the bird was badly harmed by the fire, he didn’t gave up. He continued his effort. Mean while, some gods from heaven were laughing watching the foolish activities of that bird. One of the gods changed himself into a golden eagle and come down to that parrot to advise him. Latter the golden eagle helped him and saved the whole jungle pouring his tears as streams. 2] Interpretation:- The story write is trying to show us the importance of bravery of little parrot, his helpful nature and his courage. We should do our duty and carry out task though the result is not in our hand. The story also gives us a moral lesson that, we should not our courage and hope in critical, adverse situation. It also provides an idea that, we should ready to sacrifice our life to save the life of other people, animals and wild life. 3] Critical analysis:- Though the story is successful presenting the greatness of little parrot but if we analyze the text critically, we find some disagreeable points. Can a parrot talk like a human being? Can tears flow like streams? Can a man reborn as a parrot? 4] Assimilation:- After reading this story, I got many useful things like, we should not lose our hope and confidence in critical condition. We should be brave and courageous to tackle [face] the difficulties of our life. Moreover, We should not be selfish, we should do selfless service. Even we...
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