The Brand Report Card

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The brand report card

In our days building and managing brand equity is considered to be an important element to successed and sustain growth, where in general the company brand equity flow customer loyalty and profits. Therefore, managing the brand equity become a business priority for many managers within all types of industry activities and markets. However, few managers are able to step back and assess objectively their companies brands in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Where, many manager may assess only their brand equity based on one or tow brand related factors in which their brand may perform very well or may need some adjustement. On the other hand, most of today’s managers miss to identify all of the brand equity factors they need to be considered when assessing their brand’s performance (XXXX).

Keller (2000) identified a brand equity assessment framework that will give companies managers an insight evaluation tool. The Brand Report Card (figure 1) in which brand managers are asked to score their brands against 10 pre-determined facets. Keller lays out ten characteristics that brands need to incorporate and to share, Keller starts with the relationship of the brand to the consumer in terms of brand when excelling at delivering the benefits customers truly desire, and its relevancy to customer overtime. The third characteristique to considere is if the pricing truly reflects consumers' perceptions of value. Keller then move into considering marketing strategy and implementation in terms of brand positioning, its message consitency to the customers, and Sub-brands relation to one another in an orderly way within a portfolio of brands, where a full range of marketing tools are employed to build brand equity. Finally, keller looks at management consideration where managers of strong brands understand what the brand means to their customers. Then the company gives the brand proper support and sustains it over the long term, and consistently...
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