The Brain

Topics: Neuron, Nervous system, Cerebral cortex Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: February 21, 2015
Quiz #3
Josi Leger

Neurons - Neurons are nerve cells that are located in the nervous system, the main function of the neurons is to send and transmit messages so that we may function and move.

Dendrite – Are located on neurons and they look like tree shape stems, they are what sends the signals out from the neuron and they also receive signals along with sending electrical stimulations to the soma.

Synaptic Gap – This is a small gap between the cell membrane and the synapse it separates the neurons and allows the synapse to pass information.

Axon – It’s a long slender part of the nerve cell, that helps transmit the neural signal.

Neurotransmitter – They are brain chemicals that communicate throughout the body.

Amygdala – It is located in the cerebral hemisphere that looks like a grey almond shape, it controls the emotions we have from hormones, arousal and emotional memories.

Hippocampus – This is in the medial temporal lobe it’s a small organ and is very important to the limbic system, it is what helps with our long term memory.

Corpus Callosum – Located in the middle of the brain the corpus callosum is a big ball of neural fibers which connects the left and right hemisphere and provides communications between the two.

Cerebral Cortex – It is the part of the brain that helps regulate decision making like problem solving, behaviors, consciousness and emotions.

Dopamine – This is a chemical in the brain it’s like a neurotransmitter, the nerve cells send these signals to other nerve cells and plays a big part in rewarding behavior.
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