The Brain

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Alec Connell
Psy-101-22 W
Professor Kulpa6/16/2014
The Brain
Neuroscientists have proven that the activity in the brain is altered when an individual is subject to extremely stressful or exciting circumstances. In the documentary multiple unique qualities of the brain are explored, studied, and tested to determine how we can benefit from understanding the functions of the brain. Learning about the fundamentals of the brain in the text made understanding the procedures our brain undergoes to process information, react, and make decisions clarified things the documentary touched upon. Making up the nervous system is two separate subsystems that work in collaboration with the rest of your body; these two systems are referred to as the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system. The brain is so important, that with junction to the spinal cord, the central nervous system is able to take its role as the processing center for the nervous system. The central nervous system receives and sends information to the peripheral nervous system. Since the nervous system has such an impact on the way we feel and behave, it has a large contribution to the quality of our lives. This was expressed both in the textbook as well as the documentary when discussing psychological disorders due to chemical imbalances in the brain caused by a deficiency or overproduction of a neurotransmitter, like serotonin. At the close of Chapter 2 Module 5, and in the brain documentary, the theory that uncommonly high levels of dopamine can cause emotional disturbance, or a tolerance to guilt or remorse. When someone doesn’t feel guilt or remorse they sometimes become killers like Ted Bundy. This connection expresses the importance of being mindful of your actions; acting on an impulse due to your genetic makeup’s irrational reasoning can put you behind bars for the rest of your life. Although the broad aspects of the nervous system may become confusing, scientists take...
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