The Boys from Brazil

Topics: Adolf Hitler, World War II, Nazism Pages: 4 (1233 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Literary Essay|
The boys from Brazil|
Written by Ira levin |

A horrible plan is devised by former Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele. Journalist Yakov Lieberman, Jewish journalist, and Nazi hunter, discovers the plans of Mengele. His plan is to kill the fathers of the 94 boys, who are made by Joseph Mengele himself by cloning the DNA of Adolf Hitler. The two hunt each other, which comes to a climax at the home of one of the children, namely family Wheelock. Mengele’s experiment is about making clones of Adolf Hitler himself, and with this terrifying plan, Joseph Mengele would like to take over the world with clones of Hitler. My research question: Is Mengele able to dominate the world by using clones of Hitler? The question now is what does Mengele want to achieve? First, Joseph Mengele is an old Nazi-doctor, who worked in a concentration camp in Auschwitz during the second world war. Mengele wants to take over the world, making a fourth Reich, with the goal to continue the ideas of Hitler. The ideas are that the world has to be inhabited by people who do not have any deviations. This is based on the relieve that Mengele and his comrades see the German people as the purest and most beautiful race on earth, and what needs to be brought back. The way in which Mengele wants to achieve this goal is complicated. He wants to get his hands on the world, by cloning the genetic material of Adolf Hitler in 94 boys . The boys arise and live in a simulated environment, where their parents have the same jobs as Hitler’s parents did have. Mengele thinks this will increase the chance for the arise of the new Hitler. But why this way? First by using of clones, the offspring who has the same genetic characteristics as the cruel dictator. The idea is that when you have the same DNA, you are identical and to your predecessor, with the same characteristics. Second, during the reign of the Nazis, Hitler won the votes of the people by praising them. He impressed...
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