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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas reflection

By caccavale21 Nov 20, 2013 596 Words

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

There are many films made about the Holocaust but not one that relates to this particular one because of how emotionally played it is. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas puts aside the powerful stereotypes between evil Germans and innocent Jews and instead, gives us two innocent eight year old boys, one Jewish and one German. Bruno, the son of a Nazi commander and Shmuel, the little Jewish boy stuck in the concentration camp become friends where they both believe nothing can take their friendship away. One valid point of this movie was to make the audience stand up at the end and absorb what really just happen. To think beyond what bad has happen between different minorities and move forward in a way of life that anyone can befriend anyone.

One day, after breaking the rules and sneaking away from his home, Bruno wandered in the direction of which he thinks is a farm. There he encounters Shmuel, a boy who’s exactly his age but lives on the opposite side of an electric fence in the “farm” separating the two from any contact. This did not stop the two from doing anything that could keep them happy with each other. Bruno would also bring Shmuel any food he can get his hands on because Shmuel obviously did not eat much at all. This satisfied Shmuel more than anything although, one day, Shmuel was caught with a slice of cake that Bruno gave him but did not admit to it. Shmuel was accused of “stealing” and was given a brutal punishment where Bruno went days without even seeing his buddy. Finally one day they met back up and Shmuel was able to forgive Bruno and renew their friendship. Eventually after time, Bruno’s parents decided it was not a good place for them to live. On the day Bruno was supposed to leave, he snuck out trying to give back to his friend Shmuel by helping to find his father. Bruno disguised himself as a Jew and went looking around. As soon as they went to take a “shower”, Elsa found out her son was missing and ordered her husband to get his men to look for Bruno. As they found him in the gas chamber, they could do nothing but watch their son die holding the hand of Shmuel.

This movie brought so much feeling and emotion to me and for anyone who has seen it. It proves to some people that anyone could risk their own life for the help of another. The fact the film was based mainly on 8 year olds also shows how smart and how much anyone can care for someone else. The movie is based on a terrible time in history for the world but the director made good out of it by putting the thought of giving back to someone in your head, especially when times are hard. The way the film ended really made my heart hurt in a way. Almost in a way where people may think it was a bad and tragic ending. But in reality, it shows the courage and drive to help someone in Bruno. The ending really makes you leave thinking ‘what could have been done to help save the lives of millions,’ or ‘why did Shmuel have to get put into the gas chamber the exact day Bruno sneaks in’? In conclusion, this was a great film and the whole storyline was absolutely great and I am sure it touched the lives of many people.

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