The Boy in Striped Pyjamas

Topics: Religion, Adolf Hitler, Understanding Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: March 19, 2011
Similar to the crucible, the boy the striped pyjamas written by John Boyne also explores many aspects of belonging. It deals with the concept of safety, security and social connection within society, as well as the desire for power, being one of the strongest drives that humans possess.the boy in the striped pyjamas focuses on complex emotional issues of evil and the holocaust in WW2. Even though the novel is written through a child’s point of view it was intended for a more educated and aware audience.

much of the conflict in this novel is about the use and abuse of power and the struggle to gain and maintain it. This theme is present throughout this novel while examining the issues of dominance in terms of race, age, culture, gender and social class. Hitler and his struggle for power and dominance are infamous. Boyne is aware of the issues of power and dominance as he grew up during a time of Troubles between the Protestants and Catholics, similar to those characters in the crucible, Who relied on their religious beliefs to hold their community together and to eliminate those members of society who did not conform to their views.

Throughout John Boyne’s novel, it is revealed how belonging can enrich our identity and relationships. This would subsequently portray how acceptance and understanding may be obtained through the enrichment of ones identity.

The character of Bruno has been established by Boyne to enable the audience to understand and build an image of an 9-year-old boy whom through his innocence is confronting an abundance of different approaches towards belonging.

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