The book thief

Topics: The Book Thief, Foster care, Markus Zusak Pages: 4 (1196 words) Published: November 30, 2013
Haley Dorman
English 113
Final Project
Mrs. Luby
The story of the Book Thief
The book that I read was “The Book Thief.” This book was written by Mark Zusak in the year of 2006. Mark lives in Australia where he was raised by a German mother and an Australian Father. He has made a career as being a young adult author. This book has been given many awards and for a very good reason because it is a tale that is very worth remembering. It is about death, loss, and sadness, but that love can come from all of that. Germany in 1939 is where the setting of the story takes place. Mark Zusak deals with issues during this story that neither ignores nor idealizes the issues. For instance, he writes about death, concentration camps, and bombings that were happening during the time period in Germany. This story has shown that there is a purpose to life, themes, symbolism, descriptions, and how words have made a difference.

The story, “The Book Thief,” is about a little girl name Liesel Merminger’s life. While living in Nazi Germany, she was put into a foster home where they were non Nazi. Before being put into her foster home, her brother dies. At his burial, she finds a book beside his grave and takes it with her. Liesel finds many books soon after. She decides that she is going to write her own book. Liesel writes her book about her own life living on Himmel Street, her foster parents, and how her life is influences by her family taking in a Jew to live in their home.

The purpose of Mark Zusak writing the book is to inspire people to rise about the bad situations that they are facing and find something that gives them joy and happiness. Liesel discovered through her hard times that she was facing that she had a love for books and it gave her an escape from the hardships that were faced in the world. The narrator, Death, finds that life has meaning for humans that that life isn’t meaningless.

There are many items in this book that has a...
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