The Book Theif

Topics: Adolf Hitler, English-language films, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: November 21, 2008
the book thief is a book about a Nazi family hiding a jew in their basement even though the consequence is death if they get caught. in the story a girl steals multiple numbers of books from the mayors house or anywhere she can find them. the girls friend Rudy is thought as an academic failure until he is involved in a after school program with boys his age. then he also is known as a great athlete after winning the 1500, 400 , and more yard dashes in a row. Liesel also reads her stolen books to the jew while he is unconscious hoping that he will soon wake up because of her story's. when the jew, Max wakes up from his coma he finds the presents left to him by the girl and also is told by her mother she read to him every night. the girl then gains a great relationship with max saving his and her family's life warning them that some Nazi workers were coming to inspect the basement were they kept their jew hiding. soon she also starts gaining a deeper friendship with he friend Rudy when he stands up to bully's even after one punched him in the eye and then stabbed him with a new pocket knife. the bully's had wanted to know Adolf Hitlers birthday because the story took place in Hitlers day Rudy knew the answer but didn't think he should have to tell anyone anything if he didn't want to. also when more bully's take Liesel's book and threw it in the freezing water Rudy jumps into the water and swims after her book to get it for her then once he got it he stood in the water holding it up like it was a a gold medal.
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