The Bond of Love

Topics: Sibling, Family, Doctor Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: August 29, 2010
The Bond Of Love

In a fine Sunday evening, as the two brothers were playing their rollerblades gleefully, their happiness between them were disturbed with just a small fight. Their conflicts started when George, the younger brother, pushed his elder brother, Ryan. The elder brother was seriously injured and they had a tremendous fight . Ryan has a bone to pick with his brother when George pushed him. As they were fighting, an old lanky man came towards them with a light step. Both of them were perfectly appalled as the man shouted his harsh voice and spoke to them in a voice that shook with anger and hatred.

“Hey, kids! Why are you fighting? ”At that moment, neither George nor Ryan dared to speak even for a word. They stopped fighting as the man approached and interrupted them. The old man asked George to help his injured brother to stand up and brought him to the nearest wooden bench. As they were sitting at the bench under a big shady tree, the man who introduced himself as Mr. Frank, talked to them in a solemn manner.

Calmly he said, “What’s happening between you both? Both of you are siblings so why are you fighting? Just because of a trivial matter.” They kept blaming each other although the old man was staring at them seriously .While they were blaming each other, the man suddenly said that he wanted to tell them a touching story .

The story started with a life of a happy family which consisted of four members. Living with a lot of happiness in the family, there were a couple of siblings, the elder was Finnigan and the younger was Fred. Finnigan’s mother had died when he was five years old. After four years had passed , his father decided to marry a beautiful and gorgeous widow who had a child named Fred.

One vivacious morning, as they were on their way to go for a picnic together, they were involved in a very tragic accident. Their parents died as they were on their way to the hospital .The two siblings were lucky since they only had minor...
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