The Bodyshop Swot Analysis

Topics: The Body Shop, Anita Roddick, L'Oréal Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: August 23, 2008
The Body Shop
Inspired by the knowledge of other cultures we make: exclusive products to our own recipes. Committed to fairer trading and the environment, we bring you The Body Shop.
This statement is The Body Shop’s own version of the principles on which the company was founded and within which it continues to trade to the present day. The Body Shop was founded in 1975 by Gordon and Anita Roddick. At this time, there was rising unemployment in every sector in the USA, UK and EU. Consumer confidence was declining, interest rates were high and there was a low collective propensity to invest, consume or undertake expenditure.

The cosmetics industry is worth £30 billion per annum. At the time of the foundation of The Body Shop, the cosmetics industry was saturated with both multinational and also exclusive providers. The last thing the industry needed was a new small exclusive provider and if The Body Shop had not set out its own distinctive position, it would not have survived.

Accordingly, the company came into existence during a consumer recession, at a time when customers were reducing their expenditure on cosmetics as well as other nonessential goods and services.
The company recognised this from the outset. It understood that, whatever the trading conditions, it was necessary to provide an active attraction that would ensure that customers would continue to buy from the company, rather than go elsewhere. The company concentrated on the perceived uniqueness of the products. Additionally, it invested in establishing and developing a high and distinctive brand value and identity. This in turn was reinforced with high levels of staff motivation and customer service. Consequently The Body Shop was able to establish itself as an effective and profitable niche player in this huge market and maintain this position whatever the prevailing trading conditions.
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