The Bodyshop - Nature's way to beautiful?

Topics: Anita Roddick, The Body Shop, L'Oréal Pages: 4 (828 words) Published: February 17, 2014

Nature’s Way to beautiful?

The first Store was opened in 1976 in England by Anita Roddick, who you can see in the picture •They are selling cosmetics, lotions, perfumes and soaps
Their slogan – as you may know or have guessed by now is “Nature’s way to beautiful” •Over the next two years the business expandexpanded rapidly, they were opening a lot of new shops and in 1978 they opened their first store outside of England in Brussels •By 1982 two new shops are opened every month

The business runs smoothly, they are very popular and very successful over the next years •Then it is bought by Loréal in 2006 but remains self-controlled, as a sole-functioning business unit When in 2007 Anita Roddick dies, the company still runs in the same way it was run before and it continues to grow

What do YOU think, when you hear the slogan “Nature’s Way to Beautiful” ?

What do you expect of a company’s products if that company has that slogan?

1.Natural ingredients
2.No chemicals
3.No testing on animals
4.Bein environmentally friendly
So I did some research considering all these aspects, to see wheter their slogan is true or not

They are running many different campaigns based on the five main “values” they support: •AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING

Then, I also looked at some independent sources, since all that came from the Bodyshop website itself.

Came out that:

Their ingredients are by far not all natural like they claim. They use chemical ingredientslike all the other big companies do, which I think is not right, if you claim to be all natural etc.

The Body Shop may not test their products on animals and also campaign against animal testing and truly not support it at all. BUT this only was true until 2006 when L’Oréal bought the company. As it is known, L’Oréal DOES use animal testing and The Bodyshops profits...
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