The Bloody mary

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Bloody Mary superstition actually refers to Mary first who ruled England between July 6, 1553. She later became nicknamed “Bloody Mary” because she prosecuted over 300 catholic protestants. Some people say that she had done this because she a very faithful catholic, as was her mother Catherine of Aragon. In her life there were a lot of conflicts with the family starting with the divorce of her parents to the death of her mother, her mistreatment from the parliament miserable marriage and numerous miscarriages . During the 15th century on November 17th, Mary had bled to death because she had suffered from ovarian cancer. Now in the 21st century people have used her nickname Bloody Mary has a paranormal superstitious game that gets children traumatized.

This game is mostly for children who have sleepovers at friends’ house, the game starts by standing in the mirror with a candle and saying Bloody Mary three times. Only the bravest child who are dared will stand in front of the mirror with the lights turned off. Some may believe in the Bloody Mary Tale, causing the child to get scared during the game. Children think that she will appear in the mirror and take them with her if they play this superstitious ritual game or that she will rip their eyes out. When children play this kind of game they won’t sleep , eat or look at themselves in the mirror that is why there has been so many sociological cases like the Ana Marcel case. Ana Marcel was a little girl that played this superstition game while she was staying at a friend’s house and she had become traumatized that she could not sleep at night without a light in her room. Her mother tried to help her but she suffered from panic attacks every time her mother would turn off the lights.

I believe that the Bloody Mary superstition could be visualized as a ghostly figure in the mirror. Superstition tales have grown within themselves as time evolves....
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