The Blank Slate Theory

Topics: Scientific method, Tabula rasa, Science Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: September 28, 2013
The Blank Slate Theory

Many things we know about science today derived from scientific theories. However, not all scientific theories made were correct. Take for example Spontaneous Generation, or the scientific theory of “Bad Air”, or in this case, Tabula Rasa, or The Blank Slate theory. We all want to believe that we create our own personality with the choices we make, but are there traits in our personality inherited? Firstly, from the book “The Blank Slate Theory: The modern Denial of Human Nature” by Steven Pinker, I quote: The Blank Slate Theory is “The idea that the human mind has no inherent structure and can be inscribed at will by society ourselves.” In other words, the idea that the human mind has no built-in characteristics and can be engrained at will by humankind or our selves. This theory argues that people are born with no built-in traits. Though, take for example your smile. Then study your mother`s, your father`s, your grandparent`s, your aunt`s, and your uncle`s. With that you will most likely find that someone in your family has your same smile. Does that mean that we all are also born with our parent`s knowledge? The answer to this question is no, not every part of our mind is molded and built at birth. For example, we choose to gain our knowledge from education, and we choose our own culture. In conclusion, studies of twins adopted and separated at birth, raised in different families, proved this theory wrong. Twins shared traits even separated at birth. The Blank Slate theory was eventually proven untrue. Though every individual`s experiences are not doubted to influence their character, it is now accepted that some of a person`s make-up is created by family traits at birth, and ot every part of one`s personality must be gained.
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