The Birth of Swatch

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Marketing Management – Spring 2013
The Birth of the Swatch
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Name: PHAN NHAN (Mike)
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Marketing management- Spring 2013


1. Why was the Swatch so successful? In what ways was the Swatch different than any watch the industry had ever seen? Swatch was successful for many reasons:
* First, they can build and assemble the finished watches in Switzerland. And "made in Switzerland" label a global stamp of the status and quality. That's why customers will be satisfied with this product. * They use low-cost strategy with others brand compared to Asian competitors. In particular, the Swatch building a strong brand with high quality design and manufacturing technology, production lines with multiple collections. * They have developed new and different design campaigns to expand the product line. They have a good relationship with customers and retailers (agents). The company created a Swatch Collectors Club for rabid fans, and members receive exclusive Swatch a collection each year instead of a traditional membership. They can use a number of promotions to make a relationship with the customer. * Besides, the swatch is the perfect marketing strategy of the company and the quality and design of each watch. The company has different varieties of watches for different age of their target customers, with different styles for each season, and cultural and personal feelings. They were able to add strong feelings for the product with the message (the message unique, unlike any other brand watches on the market to do it), Swatch more than just a commodity . They were trying to send a message to the client with the swatch is a high quality product with low price and fashion with dozens of models to choose from for all occasions and for everyone . They are looking for an immediate emotional response * Watches more great accessories. Swatch really fashionable designs from the famous...
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