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The Birds: Alternative Ending

By dangoldberg91 Dec 06, 2006 569 Words
He smoked his last cigarette… As Nat's wife is trying to put the children to sleep, Nat decided to try the wireless one more time to see if there might be any broadcast. "What are you doing?" Nat's wife asked Nat, "I'm checking the wireless one last time for any broadcast" All to be heard from the small speaker was a scratchy irritating noise, "Nothing." After the children fell asleep, Nat and his wife were discussing what they were going to do, when suddenly the noise of the birds stopped. Realizing that the tide had risen, Nat got his shoes on and prepared another trip to the Triggs farm for some more supplies. On his drive over he heard a soft humming noise coming from the east. After a few minutes had passed, the noise had grown to a booming thunder. When suddenly just over the hill he saw hundreds upon hundreds of planes flying overhead. He stopped the car and got out to look, when he noticed that one of the planes was nearing the ground out in the field. Nat watched as the plane landed, and quickly rushed over to greet the foreigners. As he was rushing to the plane he noticed a French flag painted on the side. When the military pilot got of the plane, Nat greeted the man, but asked what he was doing. "I am here from the France. We have managed to clear our country of the birds, but there are too many here to be terminated. We were surveying the area for any survivors of the odd catastrophe. We were told that any survivors should be taken back with us, and when we saw the car moving they sent me down to check. Are you here alone?" "No, my family and I have been living off what we can find in the local farm. Our house is back this way, come with me. " The two men entered Nat's car and drove back immediately to the farm, to pick up his family. When Nat told his wife about what was happening, at first she was very skeptical, but realized that there was no other way to escape the birds. In a matter of an hour, Nat and his family had managed to pack all of their most prized possessions, and left the house to the plane. As the plane was taking off, Jill started crying of fear. Nat's wife comforted her, but could only do so much. After a long flight, they had finally made it. They were in France! With the money they had, they were able to buy a new house out in the country, and Nat found a new job working at a farm. They were just as happy as they were before, maybe even happier. Everything was great. 10 Years Later… The children are now both in high school and Nat has taken over the farm he started working at 10 years ago. Nat's wife became pregnant with a brand new child on its way in 3 months. Nat was on his way to town to get some things for the farm, and he decided to take a nice scenic route past the ocean. When Nat came around the turn to see the ocean, he slammed on his breaks. Out in the water were thousands of gulls, just sitting and watching…

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