The Biograhphy of Johann Sebastian Bach

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The Biography of Johann Sebastian Bach
Many people today look back to the writings and works of Johann Sebastian Bach, “Bach,” to learn and admire the indelible marks and influence that he was to the world of music as a composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist, and violinist of the Baroque Period. Bach was born in 1685 in Eisenach, a town in Thuringia, Germany; he was raised and spent most of his life there. Because a scarcity of finances his career and himself were limited to where he could travel. Unlike many other known composers of the time, he never went farther north than Hamburg or farther south than Carlsbad. Consequently, many referred to him as “one of the greatest and most influential composers of the Western world,” particularly of the Baroque Era. (“Classical Net”) Born into a family of that which produced least 53 prominent musicians within seven generations; Bach was sure to have carried on the tradition. He received his first musical instrument from his father and studied with him until his father died in 1695. (“Enchanted learning”) Once this happened, Bach moved to Ohrdruf to study with his brother, Johann Christoph. Early in the 1700s he began to work as a chorister at a church in Lundeberg. Three years later in 1703 Bach became a violinist in an orchestra of Prince Johann Ernst of Weimar. Later to learn that a year later he found himself in Armstadt where he became a church organist. (“All Music”) In 1705 Bach took a one month leave to study with the renowned Danish-Born German organist and composer, Dietrich Buxtehude; little did Bach realize that Buxtehude’s organ music would be one of his greatest influences. Because of this, his one month stay turned into a three month stay, which in turn caused uproar with the church he had a contract with. Fortunately for him he was too highly respected to be dismissed from his position. Maria Barbara Bach, his second cousin, and him wed in 1707. They then moved to Mulhausen so he could be the...

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