The bilimbi for merge

Topics: Stain, Averrhoa, Averrhoa bilimbi Pages: 15 (1825 words) Published: May 20, 2015

In behalf of the researchers, they would like to thank all the people who helped them in making this project possible.
First of all, the Almighty GOD who guided them all throughout. To their parents who gave unconditional love and support
To their ever patient teachers who taught them namely,Ms. Fortune Rhodora Baoit and Mrs. Margarita Castillo.
To their friends, who helped them morally and cheer them up in formulating the paper.
This paper will not be done without their help may GOD pay back their sacrifices.



The researcher dedicates this research project to the following people: first of all our Almighty GOD. Next, we dedicate these to their parents, relatives, friends and our beloved teachers.
They also dedicate this to their ‘oppas’ of EXO who became their inspiration in this project. The Researchers

Table of Contents
Abstract I-II AcknowledgementIII
Table of ContentV
I Introduction
A Background of the study 1
B Statement of the study 1
C Significance of study 1
D Scope and Limitation2
II Review of Related Literature 3-6
III Methodology7-8
IV Results and Discussion9-10
V Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation 11
Flow Chart17
Research Plan 19 Documentation 20-29

Chapter I

A. Background of the Study
Stains are one man’s worst enemy. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, it Appears in our clothes. The good thing we can remove it by commercial stain remover. The bad thing about using commercialized detergent is that has chemicals that can affect our health and environment. The researcher found out that Kamias and Lemon Grass are capable as Alternative Remover , it is natural, health-friendly, and affordable. A. Statement of the Problem

-Is the kamias effective as an alternative stain remover?
-Could it remove fabric stains?
-If it can, how long does it take to do so?
-Is it harmful to us?
-What’s in the kamias that makes it remove stain?
-Who will benefit this?

B. Significance of the study
The essence of this study is to determine that kamias (hedychium coronarium) can be used as a good alternative stain remover, so that people can know and use more natural and cheaper way in removing stain/s compared to the expensive. both adult and children of SNIN can benefit on this study.

D .Scope and limitations
This study is only limited to be used in clothes. Using a yellow green kamias (hedychium coronarium).
It was conducted on October 1-16 at Barangay 1 SNIN. Using pieces of kamias (hedychium coronarium) 10 pieces of Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon ciatrus)

Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature

The bilimbi, Averrhoa bilimbi, L., (Oxalidaceae), is closely allied to the carambola but quite different in appearance, manner of fruiting, flavor and uses. The only strictly English names are "cucumber tree" and "tree sorrel", bestowed by the British in colonial times. "Bilimbi" is the common name in India and has become widely used. In Malaya, it is called belimbing asam, belimbing buloh, b'ling, or billing-billing. In Indonesia, it isbelimbing besu, balimbing, blimbing, or blimbing wuluh; in Thailand, it is taling pling, or kaling pring. In Haiti, it is called blimblin; in Jamaica, bimbling plum; in Cuba, it is grosella china; in El Salvador and Nicaragua, mimbro; in...
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