The Big Wave

Topics: Family, Mother, The Big Wave Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: July 24, 2013
The Big Wave by Pearl S. Buck is a short novel about two young boys who live in Japan. When the big wave comes and takes Jiya's family, Jiya is raised by Kino's parents, but he must make a life decision when people begin rebuilding the fishing village on the deserted beach. The Big Wave is a heartwarming story that exemplifies the theme that life is stronger than death The tsunami kills many of the fisherman and their families in the village. Jiya is from one of these families but was able to escape before the tidal wave hit. He is left to face the death of his father, mother and brother. In their culture, the Japanese are taught to “learn to live with danger” and “enjoy life and do not fear death.” Kino and Jiya are good friends growing up in a small Japanese village. Kino and his family are rice farmers who live high up in the hills. Jiya and his family are fishermen by trade and live below the hills on the beach. One day, while working in the rice fields, Kino and his father notice a great deal of smoke rising from a volcano 20 miles away. The sky was red and gray, and even here upon the farms, cinders and ash fell from the volcano. When Kino stepped barefoot upon earth, the land was hot under his feet. His father told him that sea, earth and sky worked together against us, it will be dangerous indeed. Kino wondered where the gods are that time. His father again told him that sometimes gods leave us to take care of ourselves and fear alone makes us weak. At noon, Kino saw a red flag rise slowly to the top of the castle. It means they should be ready for whatever happens. At two o’clock the sky began to grow black. The air was hot as though a forest fire were burning. The glow of the volcano glared over the mountaintop, blood-red against the black. The sound of a great bell from a palace below warns the villagers of danger and encourages them to come within its wall for safety. Some heed the warning but many stay close to their homes. Jiya’s family...
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