The Big Heat: Movie Analysis

Topics: Film noir, The Big Heat, Fritz Lang Pages: 4 (1407 words) Published: November 17, 2010
The cinematic genre, film noir, has been defined and redefined by everyone who has tried to figure it out. Noir's usually depict a crime drama, utilizing lighting to create shadows as special visual effects. Throughout the late twentieth century, film noir's made a big name for themselves by providing the public with griping genre that was able to hold their attention till the end of the film. Most notably, James Naremore gave his opinion on film noir's, claiming that they provided a sort of cultural work to the public. His arguments and definitions of the genre have specific relation to the Fritz Lang's The Big Heat, by the way he describes the protagonists character. James Naremore, the author of The American Noir: The History of an Idea, believes that it "describes a certain set of Hollywood films that were saturated with a sort of darkness and suspicion that had never been seen before." During the twentieth century, the term noir was used as a useful way of talking about the film. However, as year went on, the term was no longer used to describe films but as more of a term for the newspapers to use as they portrayed fashion. Naremore claims that "noir is almost entirely a creation of postmodern culture," in a sense that it tries to depict what Hollywood was like in the past not what it was presently. Later in the journal, he states "film noir becomes a full-fledged outlaw genre, systematically reversing Hollywood's foundational myths." Naremore says that the films started to become more like western's than their own genre. He relates the "idea noir hero" to someone who is the opposite of John Wayne, in that "psychologically, he is passive, masochistic, morbidly curious; physically, he is 'often mature, almost old, not very handsome." Through this statement, Naremore does a very good job of almost exactly describing Detective Bannion, from Fritz Lang's The Big Heat. Throughout the film, the audience becomes familiar with Detective Sergeant Bannion,...
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