The Better Smart Phone

Topics: Smartphone, Mobile phone, HTC Corporation Pages: 3 (657 words) Published: March 18, 2016
The Better Smart Phone
Purpose: Smart phones are used by billions of people every day for different purposes. Some people use smart phone to call, message or email, business, fitness, record videos or pictures, navigation, etc. Smart phones help people with different things in their field. Smart phones also help patients that are suffering through various disease and helps them track their progress. Different kind of phones have their own specialty which help people save time, save money and help them get their work done more effectively.

Findings: The latest two very competitive smartphones that are in the market are Samsung galaxy S5 and HTC one M8. “Apps aimed at small business owners allow them to pay bills, update websites, market their companies, reach out to customers and keep in touch with employees from anywhere.” (Pisani). This shows how a smartphone application helps the business owner with mostly everything important to run the business and become successful. Table 1.

Samsung Galaxy S5
HTC One M8
Battery Capacity
2800 MAH
2600 MAH
Price / CPU Speed
$649 / 2.5GHZ
$649 / 2.3GHZ
Screen size / Pixels
5.1 Inch / 432 PPI
5.0 Inch / 441 PPI
16 Megapixel
4 Megapixel
Water Resistant
Sound & Shot
Fingerprint ID
Heart Rate Monitor
HTC Sense
FM Receiver

Table 1: Evaluation of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 most important features in the market. (Connor)

Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy S5 has a lot good features like slow motion, dust proof, water resistant, sound & shot (Picture or image has a sound with it.), Fingerprint ID (Fingerprint scanner back of the phone for phone security), Heart Rate Monitor (Keeps record and tracks your Heart rate for different purposes) and barometer (Determines the atmospheric pressure of location and altitude and helps with calculating calories burned). These features are available in Samsung Galaxy S5 but not in HTC One M8. Battery capacity is...
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