The Better Parent in Titus Andronicus

Topics: William Shakespeare, KILL, Titus Andronicus Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: February 2, 2012
The Better Parent in “Titus Andronicus”

It is widely understood that both Tamora and Titus Andronicus are leaders in their own right. When the wars are over, they both have families to return to. So now it is a question of parenting. Who is the better parent? Tamora is a better parent than Titus Andronicus. She cares about her children, she has a good relationship with her children, and she is capable of influencing her children. One reason why Tamora is a better parent than Titus Andronicus is the undeniable love and care she displays for her children. Tamora went from being a Roman prisoner to a Roman empress. Some may say this is a demonstration of her ability to manipulate, but correct people say this shows her care for the well-being and future of her children who were also prisoners. Titus obviously cares more about Roman society and customs than his own children. Titus killed his own son, Mutius, over a dispute regarding Roman institution. After committing the act, Titus showed absolutely no sign of remorse, and even disregards Mutius as being his son. This proves Titus’ neglectful behavior toward his children. “Sweet mercy is nobility’s true badge. / Thrice-noble Titus, spare my first-born son.”[I.1.119-120] This quote illustrates the amount of love Tamora shares with her children. She is begging for the life of her son, while Titus doesn’t even feel bad for killing his own son. Another reason why Tamora is a better parent than Titus is the close relationship she shares with her children. Tamora knew about her sons Chiron and Demetrius’ plans to ravage Lavinia. Most parents do not have a close enough relationship with their children to obtain information this shocking. Titus let Saturninus take his daughter as empress, even though she was already engaged to Bassianus. If Titus had a closer relationship with Lavinia, he would know, and ultimately care about how she feels in this situation. Tamora begged Titus not to kill her first-born son, Alarbus....
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