The Best Worst Trip Ever

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The Best Worst Trip Ever.
I’ve never been a fan of road trips very much, but when it involves getting a free car, who could say no? It all had started with me visiting my family in Las Vegas. My grandpa’s best friend loved the fact that I was going into the Navy, and as a graduation present, felt I had deserved a car. So my dad had agreed to go on the road trip from Nevada, to Michigan, with me. A two day trip he wanted to make it, but my dad and I have never had the greatest luck. I had felt that this would be a good opportunity for my father and I to bond, and also there was no way my mother would let me take this trip on my own.

So a week had passed by, and my dad was going to be at the airport soon. As I was driving to pick him up, for the first time I had felt like a man. On my own, and really if I wanted to, could’ve drove anywhere I felt like, but I knew I had a responsibility of picking up my father. So instead of following my dream, living off the land in the west would have to wait. As I was picking up my father to start our cross-country trip, we had no clue the bad news that lay ahead of us. I found my dad at the airport; we exchanged uncomfortable hugs, and got right on the highway. My dad had a plan of going about 700 miles in three days. That would be enough time to stop and sleep at hotels too. We got all the way to Utah before we had gotten tired, and pulled over inn a little town, that should’ve just been called “bad luck.” Little did we know, we’d be stuck here for a while.

My dad had woken up first, and with the noise from the shower, had made me enjoy an early morning with him as well. By the time we were up, packed, and ready to leave, it had to of been about nine in the morning. We got to my car, and everything from the outside was looking, and seemed fine. As we got in the car I said, “I’ll drive the first half, cool?” My father had no arguments there, still being jet lagged from 16 hours ago. I put the keys in the ignition, turned...
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