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Orientation Manual

Season 3 : February 3 April 30, 2014.

We would like to welcome you as ambassadors

Your participation in this program will hopefully lead you to meet interesting people, develop varied skills individually and in a team, and possibly get you travelling to interesting new places! This booklet is very detailed, and it will be analyzing every aspect of your tasks and the system used, so that everything is clear and any confusion avoided.

About (TBT) is a website, conceived as an interactive, constantly evolving and expanding international project, to bring together travellers within a well-designed community to encourage information exchange, travel planning and as well as an environment to enjoy friendly travel competition.

Vision - (TBT) aims to become the leading interactive travel website for competitive travellers and the general public in terms of web design; the leader in quality and quantity of diverse travel stories, photos and travel experiences on every region in the world; and the leading virtual library on travel websites; ultimately to work with organisations from the developing world enabling travel opportunities for the less travelled.

Mission – features the most elegant design in terms of colours and functionality; offers the clearest and most to-the-point navigation options; provides relevant, up-to-date and interesting statistics and maps on travellers’ past and future trips; promotes easy-to-upload stories and photo options for informative travel stories; and includes a variety of easily searchable links to informative travel sites, personal travel blogs and recommended travel organizations in every region of the world. TBT has divided the world into 1281 regions, which goes far beyond divisions on competitor sites. At present, the primary and only direct competitor is (MTP). Dividing the world into 872 pieces and counting only about 12.000 members, few hundreds of which are currently active. TBT target market is anyone in the world with a passport, a computer and a curiosity to learn more about the world. However, primary targets are individuals who travel extensively and who could consider themselves travellers rather than tourists; secondary targets are those who travel occasionally and enjoy travel-related material more than average; tertiary users are all those who show a general interest in travel. It is important to note at this point that, even though markets are not being targeted geographically, the site has English, Spanish, German, Russian, Swedish and Indonesian versions, with Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, Greek and Serbian soon expected. TBT aims at retaining a balance of users and not having one key market – this is one of the reasons that ambassadors are given specific regions to represent.

Currently, TBT has over 3500 registered users from more than 110 countries, of which about 50% have completed profiles and about 700 can be considered truly ‘well-travelled’.

Before you Start

your Tasks

We understand your eagerness to get started, but before you do, please make sure you have taken the time to get acquainted with the website. It’s impossible to promote something you personally do not know well, and that’s usually much more obvious than we think. Here’s a list of things you must have done before getting started:

1. Make sure you have completed your own profile. That includes a profile photo, your

information (an interesting bio/comment would be great) and your full map of regions visited.

2. Read all the sections: About Us, FAQ and Terms and Conditions. 3. Make sure you fully understand how the division of the world and the point system works.

4. Take a look at a few of the individual pages that may interest you. See how they are categorized and about what members choose to...
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