The Best Recruiting Strategy Is the "We Find You" Approach

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The Best Recruiting Strategy Is the "We Find You" Approach

Choosing between "we find you" and "you find us"

Not many people research or study recruiting strategies, but those who do realize quite quickly that all recruiting strategies fit into two categories: "you find us" and "we find you." The "you find us" category is the most commonly used, where a firm essentially posts a notice that it is looking for someone to hire and then sorts through those individuals who respond. The more proactive category, however, is the "we find you" approach, where a firm instead attempts to identify the names of top performers as individuals and then contact them directly. The first approach almost by design attracts "the masses," while the other is more targeted to minimize the volume of applications and maximize the quality of the applicants. If you were going to attempt to recruit Tiger Woods to play for your golf team, you would realize early on that it would require the use of a different approach than most corporations currently use. Tiger certainly wouldn't respond to the traditional approaches, like ads in newspapers, or and he wouldn't put his resume on It is also unlikely that he would attend golfing "job fairs" or respond to a "now hiring" banner. If by chance Tiger did respond, it is unlikely that he would endure the hiring process at most firms, because he wouldn't be treated as special or as a "target individual." The only way to hire top performers is to give up the notion that they are going to find you and instead adopt a recruiting strategy that proactively finds them. Tiger, much like other top performers, has so many choices that the only way you could possibly recruit him would be to target him individually and then build a relationship with him over time in order to eventually convince him to join your golf team. This relationship-based recruiting strategy is called the "we find you" approach, and if you want to hire the very best, it's the only approach to use. Why "You Find Us" Generates a System Stressing Volume

Perhaps an analogy would best highlight the differences between the two categories of recruiting. In the media, there are two basic choices to attracting a target audience: "broadcasting" and "narrowcasting." The broadcasting approach uses far-reaching tools to attract the widest possible audience. It is the approach used by the major TV networks (e.g. ABC, CBS, NBC, CBC). Another approach, called narrowcasting, is used by cable TV stations to attract a very narrow but targeted audience, for example the Sci-Fi or the Golfing channels. The first approach gets you a large volume of viewers, while the second gets you a smaller but much more targeted viewership. If you wanted to recruit a golf fanatic, placing an ad on a broadcast network will get you a huge volume of candidates, most of whom will be unqualified or underqualified. If you wanted to attract only golf fanatics, you would place an ad on the Golf channel, and you would certainly get only golf fanatics responding, because no one else would ever watch a golf channel. The same holds true for the commonly used "you find us" approach and the superior, but unfortunately least used, "we find you" approach. If you're currently inundated with a high volume of candidates whom you have little interest in, it's probably because you are using a "you find us" approach. The "You Find Us" Sourcing Strategy

The "you find us" sourcing strategy is used by 95% of firms, making it the most common — but, unfortunately, least effective — of all sourcing strategies. Using this strategy, all attraction efforts are general and are designed to find anyone who fits the broad category of your search. It is a "broad net" strategy, where no proactive effort is made to find people or prospects as individuals. Here are the common "you find us" sourcing tools, listed in order from least effective to most effective: 1.Job fairs

2.Ads in...
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