The Best Job I Have Ever Had

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The best job have I ever had ?
Throughout my career life I have had a lot of jobs , sometimes good or most the time bad but, I am pretty sure if you have a chance to work for yourself that would be your best opportunity. When I got this chance to work in my own little store it was the most amazing job I could ever wish to get. Imagine working without any boss, less stress or no problems with a manager in my job. Wouldn’t that be great? One of the reasons that made this job interesting for me was making nice and easy money , I know everyone would like to have this kind of job without working hard and making good money. I had a small store but my store was very famous and the design of my store was phenomenal and really amazing , I sold sports clothing like shoes and balls for every soccer team in my town . I had my own customer like famous coaches and players and also my job was really professional You need skills, connections and money for making your own business. Customer service skills was another plus for making better money. Good customer service will always keep your customers coming back. The second reason that made my job really interesting was fun and having a good time while working. Sometimes jobs can be a little boring but in my store nobody gets bored because we were always really busy and I hired a bunch of my friends that I knew very well. They were all hard working funny and friendly guys. Besides working we shared food and took breaks together. Our coworkers never gossiped or lied about each other and that was what made our work place such a good place to work because there were never any issues regarding trusting another coworker. Finally I would like to say the best reason that made this job so enjoyable was because I was my own boss so I wasn’t supposed to be worried about delay or getting nervous at work . I didn’t have schedule for vacation
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