The best country to be born in

Topics: Switzerland, Medicine, Unemployment Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: May 5, 2014
The best country to be born in: Switzerland
Chocolate, cheese, high end watches and money are some of the objects Switzerland is best known for. This tranquil and picturesque country comprises the opportunity for individuals to stumbleupon fresh air and a good living. Not only Forbes but also other magazines such as Business Insider and Times magazine have ranked Switzerland as the best country to be born in for the year 2013. Therefore Switzerland is the best country to be born in because of their economy, their political system and last but not least the safeness and health care it provides. Switzerland, a small yet thriving country, is globally acclaimed for being one of the countries with the strongest and most stable economy, not to mention the wealth it holds. This is due to their policy of political stability and long term monetary security.Switzerland is one of the few countries in Europe that is not part of the European union. This is of great advantage for their economy now a days since they have their own currency called the swiss franc.One of the most substantial currencies worldwide, Which Switzerland is also known for its prominent quality of banking and financial services. All of this adds up to build a solid bond with foreign investors, correspondingly forming an economy influenced by foreign investment. In terms of employment levels, Switzerland ranks first place globally, holding the highest employment rate of 79%. Their minimum wage income is of USD $2,800 a month while their average income is about USD $6,000 monthly. Moreover, their average household disposable income is approximately USD 30,100 a year, greater than in most countries. Therefore, throughout Switzerland’s favorable economy we may understand why it’s the best country to be born in. Not only does it posses a strong and stable economy as well as very high level of employment but it also offers an overall above average income. Switzerland's political system has molded their...
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