The Best Amendment

Topics: United States Constitution, United States, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: December 13, 2010
Which Amendment?
The freedom of speech, religion and press seems like an everyday activity, right? But imagine if you were not allowed to speak your opinion or practice your choice of religion, or even write about facts or opinions that interest you. What if you had to keep all your thoughts and opinions to yourself except for the ones that you were allowed to express or you would be in trouble. That would be like torture. That is why Amendment number one of the Constitution is the most important one and we need to keep it, because without those rights the voice of America would not be heard.

If the citizens of the United States didn’t have the freedom of speech, they wouldn’t be able to vote or give their opinions to politicians. Not being able to vote and choose the nations next President would be unfair. Everyone should have a say on who’s in office and what they are going to do to help America. Most likely, if the President was a random guy that nobody voted for or had no experience with the government, America would be sent down the toilet.

Without amendment number one we wouldn’t have the freedom of religion - making people argue about what holidays to celebrate and if churches should be built. We need the freedom of religion because without it people would fight and disrespect each other and we would go to war.

As Americans, we need the right to press because without it we wouldn’t be able to print facts or opinions that were unpopular, and we wouldn’t be able to share information with others to help them vote for change. We need the freedom of press or our minds would explode.

America needs the first amendment or else everyone would go insane. Nobody would be able to speak even the basic truths like which ice cream they like the most, because they wouldn’t have the right to voice their opinion. America needs to maintain its voice and let the citizens of the United States choose America's next step. Without amendment number one America would be...
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