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General Guidelines for Developing the DNP Scholarly Practice Project A. Purpose
B. Policy
1. The project is related to advanced practice in the nursing specialty and benefits a group, population or community rather than an individual patient. It often arises from practice and is usually completed in partnership with another entity such as a clinical agency, school, health department, church, government, voluntary organization or community group.

2. The project leadership may be solo or collaborative depending on the scope of the project and university requirements.
3. The scholarly project addresses identified needs.
4. The literature review suggests an evidence base for the project or supports the need for the project.
5. The description of the innovation is adequate for others to use, including essential components for success, cost, etc.
6. A systematic approach is used and data are collected using methods and tools that meet accepted standards.
7. Expected outcomes are defined and measured such as quality improvement, cost savings, etc.
8. Dissemination modes are peer reviewed, professional and public and may include publication, and scholarly presentation at the appropriate professional or academic venue.
Types of scholarly projects include but are not limited to:

Translate research into practice
Quality improvement (Care processes, Patient outcomes)
Implement and evaluate evidence-based practice guidelines
Analyze policy: Develop, implement, evaluate or revise policy Design and use data bases to retrieve information for decision making, planning, evaluation
Conduct financial analysis to compare care models and potential cost savings, etc. Implement and evaluate innovative uses of technology to enhance/evaluate care Design and evaluate new models of care

Design and evaluate programs
Provide leadership of inter-professional and /or intra-professional...

References: Include all citations using the appropriate style manual for the journal to
which the final paper may be submitted for publication.
DATE APPROVED: Spring 2009
EFFECTIVE DATE: Spring, 2009
BY: Graduate Education Committee
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