The Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the biggest mysteries in the world. Since Christopher Columbus discovered it in 1492, there have been numerous airplanes, ships, and vessels to “disappear” in the middle of the triangle. There are many theories about what could have happened to these missing ships, but no one really knows what is out there for sure. Some say that the lost city of Atlantis is at he bottom of the Atlantic Ocean; some say there are Aliens. Others believe it is just as simple as mother nature and is all just over exaggerated. This all leads to the million dollar question: is the Bermuda Triangle just a living legend, or is there really something paranormal out in the “Devil's Triangle”?

Many know that the Bermuda Triangle is a triangle is the Atlantic Ocean, but would like to know who discovered the Bermuda Triangle, and how it was became discovered. There are many myths and legends about the triangle, but many do not know a lot about them. This paper will look more into each myth; the Atlantis myth, the underwater electromagnetic field, and the UFO attacks. Many people ask which myths are real and which ones are fake, but no one will ever know for sure. Some of the myths seem a bit far fetched, such as the aliens, but the electromagnetic fields at the bottom of the ocean seem a little bit reasonable. The triangle is also known for getting many typhoons, so maybe that has something to do with the missing airplanes.

Another frequently asked question is how many ships have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? There must be a lot if it is a worldwide myth. What happened during Flight 19?. When did it happen and how? The biggest question that people may ask is if the Bermuda Triangle is real or not. It is a very frequently asked question when the subject comes up. Is there any strong evidence towards one side or another?

The vicinity of the Bermuda triangle is known, however the exact spot where people disappear is not known. Where the Bermuda Triangle is located, is subject to three way water currents. These currents are capable of causing storms powerful enough to damage ships and aircrafts. The boundaries of the triangle cover the straits of Florida, the Bahamas, and the entire Caribbean island area and the Atlantic east to the Azores. There are over sixty-six airplanes and ships that have passed through the Bermuda Triangle and have never been found. The Bermuda Triangle is not known for any specific season. It is sunny, but there are usually winds. Some of the accidents that have been told to have happen in the Bermuda triangle did not, the happened in other locations but somehow get added to the list of accidents in the Bermuda Triangle over time. Christopher Columbus and his crew was the first people who discovered the Bermuda Triangle. He first documented dancing lights on the horizon, and bizarre compass readings. It was said that Christopher Columbus documented these sitings on October 11, 1492. There are several disappearances and several myths about the Triangle. In 1872, a large vessel called ‘Mary Celeste’ was spotted by a ship call 'Dei Gratia' sailing awkwardly. The 'Dei Gratia' decided to stop by and take a look and saw no one was on the ship. The life boat was missing and they left the ship vacant and in perfect condition. Another weird myth and mystery that happened in the Bermuda Triangle happened on December 27, 1948. Commercial flight called NC-16002 DC-3 was flying to Puerto Rico. The pilot radioed Miami when they were fifty miles out to receive specific directions. Once they received the directions, Miami never received a response back, making it a missing ship. Yet these are known as myths, they have really happened. (Bermuda Triangle Facts, Mystery, Myths & Theories Surrounding Bermuda Triangle) One of the first myths about the Bermuda Triangle was the disappearance of USS Cyclops in 1918. The ship was launched in 1910, and carried coal for the Navy...

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