The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable

Topics: Computer network, Twisted pair, Ethernet Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: August 26, 2012
As far as the network goes I would first suggest switching it to a LAN or local area network. This type of network is far more beneficial than the current setup as it gives you room to expand without too much of a hassle. By upgrading to this type of network you will also save money as you will be able to share hardware such as printers through multiple stations. As far as security goes, all computers will be more secure, as they will be a client of a main host on the server which will be hard to break through its firewalls. Communication will very time efficient through an Instant Messaging program through the network, your co-workers will be able to chat quickly through this. The system monitor will be able to monitor the chat to make sure its appropriate for work as well. Storage back up is another great thing on this network, from the main computer you will be able to back up all computers on the network with a click of the mouse. This makes it easy for the System Administrator to keep all the systems running efficiently. Now let’s talk about the wiring (Dean, 2010). I would suggest switching from the coaxial cable to an unshielded twisted pair preferably Cat 5. This cable is a very inexpensive alternative and has the capabilities of being used on your existing phone systems as well. As far as speed goes you will be losing a little bit of the transfer speed, but it won’t be that noticeable. Cat 5 is much cheaper than the coaxial and it is more flexible. By switching to Cat 5 you will be saving the companies resources to be spent on other things like new computers and bonuses. There is very little interference with Cat 5 and routing it throughout the building will be very easy. This would be your best move in advancing your current network. There is one more alternative to using Cat 5 and that is fiber optic cable, but this can be expensive (Dean, 2010). Fiber optic cabling is a much faster type of cable, however it is very delicate. Data...

References: Dean, T. (2010). Network + Guide To Networks. Mason: Cengage Learning.
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