The Benefits of Reading

Topics: Critical thinking, Writing, Reading Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: August 25, 2011
Any good writer knows about the impact that reading can have on his/her work, as well as that in order to be able to fully understand and digest a piece of literature, one should follow the basic guidelines of active reading, the type of reading where a reader subjects a writing to a critical analyze by using different types of reading techniques (Stubbs, Barnet, and Cain, 2). However, every reader, just like every writer, has his/her own style of reading that is composed of or is guided by a combination of different standard techniques set by active reading. Navigated by the guidelines of active reading, a reader can experience a book as a whole, without missing any important parts or ideas, while at the same time have an opportunity to establish a writer’s persona and subject his/her work to critical thinking.

In order to explore further on the different reading styles I had an opportunity to interview a classmate, Valeriya Pupchenko, and compare her approach to reading with mine. It was clear from the beginning that we enjoy similar types of literature for our leisure reading, however our tactic of picking a book and the pre reading actions have their differences. In order to pick an appropriate book for her purposes Valeriya prefers to rely on the title of the book and the authors note (Pupchenko, Valeriya). The title may provide a clue by using different methods presenting a book (Stubbs, Barnet, and Cain, 3). A title can have the ability to attract a reader with intriguing or appealing sound, or it can simply attract a reader by presenting the contents of the book in just a few words. Although a title does not always gets to the point of the book, a reader can often rely on the title of a book to get a sense of what he/she is getting.

Another method of getting to know more about a piece of literature is by reading the author’s note which often summarizes the context of the book. the author’s note also usually has the information about the writer and...
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