The Benefits of Nuclear Techonology Far Outweigh the Disadvantages. to What Extent Is It True?

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear power, Nuclear fission Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Some people claim that the advantages of nuclear power overbalance drawbacks. They believe that nuclear weapons provide peace all over the world. And I totally disagree with their statements. First of all, people should remember that nuclear power is one of the most dangerous sources of energy. Even one little mistake could lead to unbelievable disaster, which could bring a lot of damage to the present and future generations. Good examples here are the Chernobyl catastrophe and more recent Fukushima’s accident. They both show us, how unpredictable could our nature be. So that men could not foresee everything. Another trouble is the recycling of nuclear waste. As far as we know, nuclear elements could decompose for hundreds and even thousands of years. And it’s a big problem where to keep all these unnecessary, poisonous products. And there also could be a threat of atomic warfare. The most part of countries has rejected nuclear weapons. However, there are still few countries which keep such weapons and no one would stop them, if they want to use a nuclear bomb. On the other hand, nuclear power is still the strongest energetic source. Despite of the risk of using such energy, there are some countries which just have no choice. That’s all because of lack of other energy resources. For example, Japan which needs so much energy to provide the whole country that even alternative source of energy could not solve their problem. In conclusion, the world population should reject the nuclear technology. Even if it is very effective, it’s still the most unsafe energy ever.
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