The Benefits of Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

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Viola Li
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Christine Scardicchio
Dec.12th 2009

The Benefits of Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Nowadays, with the development of the consciousness of Corporate Social Responsibility, organizations would like to expand their positive influence on the environment, consumers, employees, communities and investors. It has become a business necessity to make people focus more on an organization’s decisions and their broader impacts (Greenhalgh, 2009). Rogers and Bell can serve as good examples in implementing Corporate Social Responsibility programs, especially on environmental issue. Both of them are famous Canadian communications companies and engaged in the same fields such as home phone, wireless, internet and cable, they carry out various programs to reduce the environmental footprints of their operations. Rogers became the official wireless sponsor of the award-winning program for Food Banks in 2004. In this program consumers can donate used wireless devices through collection boxes and a postage-paid recycling bag included with all new Rogers devices. When customers donated, the reclaimed cell phones according to its age and condition can be worth up to $5, which is equivalent to a jar of peanut butter or one carton of milk (Rogers, 2009). Up to date, it has generated $500,000 for food banks across the country, and over 363,000 devices have been diverted from landfill (Rogers, 2009). According to Ebert, Griffin, and Starke (2003), “They view themselves as citizens in a society and proactively seek opportunities to contribute…Donating money to different ‘causes’ is one way that business firms try to show that they are socially responsible” (p.65). It can be seen clearly that Rogers takes a proactive stance contribute to enlarge material recyclability and improved community education standard. Bell, as a competitor of Rogers, is providing a comprehensive and innovative suit of communication...

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