The Benefits of Clean and Renewable Energy

Topics: Renewable energy, Fossil fuel, Hydroelectricity Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: February 19, 2006
Before I explain the benefits of clean and renewable energy, we should first know what a clean and renewable energy is. As Green Peace India defines it, "Renewable Energy is any sustainable energy source that comes from the natural environment that is perennial. Clean Renewable Energy are those, which do not contribute to any sort of emission harmful to lives such as radiation, carbon, or involve extractive processes, or which would cause large scale displacement of people or destruction of land and forest covers." In short, renewable energy can be gotten continually from the natural environment. Clean renewable energy are those that do not affect the normal activities in the biosphere.

Now I shall explain the benefits of each of the most common forms of clean and renewable energy –solar, wind, water or mini and micro hydro, biomass, ocean or tidal and geothermal energy.
Solar energy is available throughout the day or as long as the sun can still be seen. We receive over 5000 trillion kWh/year, which is more than what I thought it to be. It is far more than the total energy consumption of the country in a year. With such availability of solar energy and its cheapness, we could benefit a lot from it It could be a better alternative to the traditional fossil fuels of coal, oil, wood and gas. Plus, it is silent, low-maintenance, efficient and does not pollute the air.

Wind energy is another type of energy that can be found in almost everywhere, be it day or night. It is one of the most economical sources of new large-scale electricity generation. With that, I must say wind energy is highly reliable and quite efficient. It is becoming even more economic to produce as economies of scale are reached. It also reduces our contribution to global climate change.

Hydro energy can be converted to electric energy by hydro-electric plants. The energy from the flowing water comes from the sun, so that makes hydro power renewable. It is currently the world's largest...
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