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The Benefits of Carpooling

By sitinajihahnoory Nov 11, 2014 345 Words
The Benefits of Carpooling
Carpooling is enjoying the comforts of car travel while utilising the car more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly manner. There are a number of benefits of carpooling:
1. Environmental.
By carpooling you can contribute to less cars on the road, which means less traffic congestion, less greenhouse gas emissions, less pollution, less consumption of resources and less noise. This improves the day to day living in your street and suburb as well as contributing to a healthier way of life for all people. Reduce traffic congestion of carpooling on a large scale are huge. Every carpooling participant takes another car off the road, which means less congested roads and highways. As more people take part in carpooling programs or organize carpools within their workplaces, overall traffic congestion will decrease, which reduces fuel consumption, commute time, and the cost of road repairs.

2. Cost.
The Australian Automotive Association estimates that the average mid-sized car commuter spends $7500 a year, or $15 a day, using their car to get to work. Larger cars cost over $9000. This does not include parking fees. By carpooling you can save your daily costs including fuel, maintenance and parking fees as these costs will be shared between you and the others within your carpool community.

3. Time.
There are a number of dedicated transit lanes on our highways and motorways so carpooling can shorten your journey. There are also dedicated parking areas and spaces for carpoolers at a number of government institutions such as hospitals and universities as well as shopping precincts and sporting venues.

4. Stress.
By carpooling you can share the driving load. You may need to only drive a few times every week instead of every day which reduces traffic and parking stress. It is also pleasant to start and end your day with a friendly conversation and who better than you new carpooling friends.

Carpooling is another sustainable travel option that you can easily adopt and will have a positive impact on your life. So sign up for a carpooling program today and begin to share that drive.

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