The Benefits of Being a Prostitute

Topics: Advertising, Prostitution, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: August 7, 2014
The Benefits of Being a Prostitute
By comparing prostitution to a normal, well-functioning office job that comes with benefits, and applying controversial subjects, as well as common fears of any person, this ad assaults its audience’s emotions with negativity, allowing them a look inside the not so glamourous life of a prostitute.

Immediately, the ad appeals to the viewer’s emotions. The entire point of the advertisement is to send across a message powerful enough to actually shock its readers. Including common fears, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, and humiliation, focuses the ad on a negative level in the reader’s brain, forcing him or her to imagine being subject to these things constantly in order to survive; this ad attempts to put the viewer in a prostitute’s world, if only for a moment. It also seizes a large group of people by bringing abortion into play. Children, whether alive or merely conceived, play a crucial role in today’s society. It is an incredibly reckless decision to bring up such a volatile subject like abortion, or binding a Moses 2

woman to a child that she has no desire to keep. With this topic being at such a stand still today, it is guaranteed to bring about sympathetic feelings from either of the parties. However, the ad also appeals to a person’s sense of logic. If the “benefits” of this job are detrimental to physical, emotional, and mental health, it wards away anyone feeling desperate enough to try prostitution. The ad also targets those who are thinking of actually using the women. Prostitution is not only a one way street, as clearly stated at the bottom of the advertisement. By explaining the emotional, physical, and mental stress that these women go through, men are discouraged from attempting to pick up prostitutes. The targeted audience, or audiences, are both affected by the appeals to emotion and logic. The benefits of the job are detrimental, and picking up prostitutes can lead to unwanted pregnancies, as...

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