The Benefit of Online Schooling

Topics: Education, Higher education, University Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Module 8 Homework Assignment
Dallin Holyoak
Allied American University
September 23, 2012

Author Note
This paper was prepared for English 160, College Writing, Module 8 Homework Assignment taught by Instructor Daryl Morazzini

In today’s world it is an unspoken requirement that anybody who wishes to succeed must have a college degree. This means physically going to a college classroom or attending school online. Because of the sink or swim economy, it is not always possible to give up a job, or leave your family behind to go to a four year university full time. For those people, online schooling is the best option to obtain higher education. Online schooling is simple in some ways, in other ways it is more difficult, but overall it is incredibly beneficial. As the economy collapses around us, we find it harder every day to take care of ourselves let alone our education. Yet in such a harsh time, online schooling presents itself as an opportunity that is more affordable, flexible, and faster than attending a university in person. Online schooling is more affordable because you don’t have to pay the school for lodging, digital books are made available for rent, and you don’t have to travel to get to the campus. Online schooling is flexible because you can do your homework whenever it is convenient for you. If you work in the mornings, for example, you can come home in the evening and do your homework in your available time. When you don’t have to attend lectures at a campus, you are able to read through the material, which allows you to get done at your own pace, and because the courses are more concentrated on the material, the semester itself is much shorter than the semester of those attending a brick and mortar school, which makes online schooling a faster way to get a degree. Online schooling is not always easy; in fact it is very difficult in its own way. Online schooling is very hard for anyone who learns better with a hands-on...
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