The Benefit of Meditation

Topics: Meditation, Psychology, Yoga Pages: 4 (1317 words) Published: October 29, 2013
Meditation is an element of every major spiritual tradition in the world. Recently, it has come in for increased attention in North America. Meditation is mental exercise of techniques of concentration, contemplation and abstraction, regarded as conducive to heightened spiritual awareness or somatic calm. Meditation is a way to bring the mind to stillness and tranquility while offering an internal balance, mental collectedness and acute awareness of the present. : Meditation (Peter, 2000). Therefore, meditation not only helps reduce the negative effects of stress, but also leads to a better sense of well-being by uniting mind and body.

The beginning of "meditation" is usually innocuous, a means of relief from the strain and tension of everyday life. People live under constant pressure, endlessly competing with others in work and society. It is a cliché that life has become increasingly complex, but clichés often contain a great deal of truth. It is increasingly more difficult to cope with pressures and worries, and mental health suffers as a result. Meditation is offered as a way to cope with such stress. The opportunity to withdraw, at least for a while, from the tumult and clamor of everyday life has definite benefits (Pierre, 22). The mind is rejuvenated, the soul refreshed, nerves calmed, and in general, one is at peace with oneself and the environment. Fortified by sessions of meditation, people have found they are able to face the tensions of the world with increased success. It is interesting to wonder, how could something as simple as meditation be so beneficial? The answer is in the physiology. Meditation is something the body knows how to do, and does willingly if you set up the conditions and allow it. The body knows how to enter a profound healing state. All you have to do is pay attention in certain ways, and tolerate the intensity of what you feel as you let go of stress .So one answer is that meditation is a...
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