The Bell Curve

Topics: Intelligence quotient, Intelligence, Theory of multiple intelligences Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: April 9, 2013
The Bell Curve

The opinions of Herrnstein and Murray in their book, The Bell Curve is that human intelligence is both inherited and also has environmental factors that contribute to a person’s future in many different areas such as; finances, a career, when they start a family, and whether or not a person will break the law instead of a person’s level of education and economic status. The authors go on to say that the more intelligent people of society are keeping their distance from the less intelligent, staying within their own group of intelligence. There is a chapter of the book that discusses the different ethnicities and the score differences among them on intelligence tests and I disagree with what they say. Intelligence in my opinion is not accurately measured when it comes to all ethnicities groups because of the people that create the tests. I think that there should be tests created by all types of ethnicities. Can an African American formulate an IQ test for all Asians to take in order to measure their intelligence? In my opinion I would say, no. According to Herrnstein and Murray intelligence is 40% to 80% heritable. It is my theory that this would be terribly hard to predict without measuring the IQ’s of the majority of people in the entire world. Some people never have their IQ tested. I have never had an IQ test. So the only data there is pertains to people that have been tested, there is no accurate count of how many people have never been tested, as far as I can tell. There are socioeconomic factors that would play a role in the scores of people across all racial groups because it is my opinion that people who have access to an education can develop higher intelligence, and not all of us have the luxury of getting a good education or getting an education at all. I believe there is something about intelligent people having children that are intelligent but at the same time I know parents who both are very intelligent but have a child who is...
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