The Bell and Tom

Topics: 2007 singles, The Bell Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: June 26, 2013
It was a warm morning, when Tom opened his eyes. The bell from his clock sounded loudly, his hair was all messed up, and his breath smelled pretty disgusting. He did not want to woke up, maybe because, deep inside, he knew that that day was not going to be like the other ones... Tom arrived at the school. Everybody were speaking very loudly and running through the hallways, but Tom managed to get to his locker. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder, it was Michael´s. - Hey, how are you doing?

- I´m fine - answered Tom.
- Cool, hey are you going to the party tonight?
- I don't feel like going... But maybe I will.
Tom did not expected to go to Diana´s party. She used to be his girlfriend, but after many fights between both, their relationship ended. But Tom deep inside still loved her. Despite that, Tom thought that he could have a good time in the party, so once the lessons finished, he went to his house to have a bath to go to Diana´s. When he arrived at the party, Tom went to the kitchen to have a drink, but what Tom saw in the kitchen made his heart explode. Michael and Diana were making out. Tom could not control himself. He punched Michael´s face repeatedly, until he heard Diana´s voice begging that he stopped. Tom saw Michael´s face; it was all covered in blood and he almost did not recognized him. On the other side of the kitchen Diana was frozen, watching the body of Michael, who was lying on the floor. From that day on, Tom could not find Michael anywhere, he suddenly disappeared. After that, Tom promised himself that he would never made the same mistake again.
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