The Being True to Yourself Approach to Change

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The Being True To Yourself Approach to Change
There are different approaches people can take towards the idea of changing or improving how they function socially. The biggest one is the idea of being true to your natural preferences and tendencies and not trying to change them for other people. This article will talk about that. The other two general philosophies towards changing are to try and truly alter your personality, and to consciously be pragmatic about how the social world is set up and adapt in order to get what you want out of it. Most people won't go all in on just one approach. They'll apply different philosophies to different areas depending on what's important to them. General outline of the Be True To Yourself approach

This one doesn't need a ton of explanation. The idea behind it is that in social situations, it's better to be true to whatever your 'default settings' are. There are a few reasons for this. First, this philosophy believes people will just be happier this way, and that trying to change can cause problems. I would tend to agree. Second, it has an inherent assumption that people have a variety of orientations towards socializing, and one type isn't better or worse than another. Preferring to spend your weekends reading at the cottage isn't inferior to wanting to be hang out with six friends at all times. Some common areas where people want to be true to themselves are: * Liking a lot of alone time

* Not being into wild, boisterous social events
* Not being thrilled with rote, superficial types of socializing * Having interests that most people don't have, or that others even think are odd or pointless * Not being interested in things many people like, such as team sports or pop culture * Having an overall personality that many people would consider quirky or different * Their core values, beliefs, and philosophies about life (e.g., political or religious beliefs, value systems) * Anything that goes against the social norm, and where they pick up a message that it would be better if they brought themselves around to be more like everyone else If you can swing it, being true to yourself is the best way to go Out of the three philosophies towards changing - this one, being pragmatic, and truly trying to change - this is the best option. It's just better for people's souls to do what comes naturally and not feel like they have to change or compromise to get by in the world. Even when being true to yourself creates some friction, it's often worth it in exchange for being able to live day to day knowing you're staying true to your values. The big question is whether it's feasible to be totally, completely true to yourself at all times. Different people will think about that question themselves and come to their own conclusions. I'll talk about that more below. Benefits of being true to yourself

Aside from the general peace of mind it can bring, being true to yourself can be the way to go for other reasons. Some things you just shouldn't have to change
Some things are too central to a person's identity to change for social reasons. For example, a person's religious beliefs or sexual identity may lead them to look or act in a way that's different from your typical person. There are intolerant people in the world who may not like that. If someone was 100% cold, practical, and pragmatic they may say, "Well on a day to day basis it would be easier for that person to just dress and act in a way that's more acceptable to the mainstream." Uh, no. People shouldn't have to submerge their core identities just because it may be superficially practical. I mean it's one thing to say, "Hm, I have a bad habit of arguing with people too much, I'll try to cut that out." It's another to go, "I'll stop dressing in accordance with my religious values because some people may not be sure how to take it." Almost everyone can find a niche they fit into

It's not true that if...
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