The Beginning of Writing

Topics: Writing, Alphabet, Egyptian hieroglyphs Pages: 31 (4917 words) Published: June 6, 2014

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The Beginning of Writing


MUSAU Mattmeachamjr Muhammad


At some point in the developmental history of mankind, man began to write. The contention,

here, is that environmental stimuli were the cause for ancient man to inscribe. Given the fact

that man was given intellect by God, arms with hands and fingers, and, even, legs with feet and

toes, the capacity to inscribe was a given factor which allowed man to write. However, in the

beginning ancient man was not cognizant of his abilities which were divinely endowed. His

social environment played heavily on his impulse to write. Furthermore, socialization and the

need to keep up with the activities of socialization lead man to write.

The activities which drove man to inscribe probably centered on counting. As the social

group got bigger and bigger, the need to keep up with the number of members in the social group

became an issue to consider. Also, indirectly, the domestication of animals by man, perhaps,

also, played a part which necessitated writing. To know the amount of his wealth drove man

to counting, and as the numbers got greater and greater, the need to record was utilized through

inscription. Initially, the need to write was not a critical matter to address; the need for writing

came only after mankind recognized his instinct to be social.

The primitive man perhaps began as a nomad roaming here and there in quest of

discovery. These things as a result of discovery instigated the development and evolution

of intelligence. We must keep in mind, that the first man was endowed by God with certain

psychological attributes, and over a period of time and experience, this endowment was

acculturated. The need to write was a developmental consequence of societal interaction and

environmental stimulus.

During recent times ethnic notions based on ethnocentric prejudices, endeavored to

entertain the thought that writing was a basic attribute of civilization; and, sometimes, this

led to gross misrepresentations of the truth. However, deeper recce into certain schools of

thoughts which tried to elevate one culture over another revealed that many notions considered

scientific were really attempts to establish political agendas with impermanent life spans. This

was exemplified in Nazi Germany where the proponents of Nationalist Germany denied the

humanity of millions of its citizens strictly on religious grounds. The Nazis tried to destroy all

the remnants of European Jewry through manual proclamation which...
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