The Beginning of Romeo and Juliet

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Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet; Act 1 and Act 2 Analysis

Act 1 Scene 1

• The setting of the play is in Verona Italy.

• The Capulet’s are people that like to start fights and say harsh things to the Montague’s; Example: Sampson: “I won’t eat dirt. If a Montague insults me. I will spit on him. And I will spit on all those Montague women too”. This is an example that tells us that the Capulet’s are harsh people who like to start a fight.

• The Montague seem like peacekeepers and don’t like to start fights; Example: Benvolio: “I’m trying to keep the peace here, Tybalt”. This tells us that The Montague men are very generous people and like to keep peace rather than hate

• The hatred between the Capulet’s and Montague’s is very cruel. When Lord Capulet and Lord Montague entered the scene Lord Capulet said: “Tybalt! Let me help you” and Lord Montague said: “You villain Capulet”. From this it shows that not only the kids of both sides hate each other, the parents also hate each other. The effect of the parents really has a huge impact on the child’s behavior and thinking.

• The Prince of Verona is tired of the fights and summons that if any more disruptions are caused the person who caused the disruption will be killed.

• Romeo is a romantic person. He is person that takes things serious. For example:

Benvolio: Good morning, Romeo
Romeo: Is it still morning? Sad hours seem so long.
Benvolio: What is making your sad hours?
Romeo: Being rejected by Rosaline, the woman I love
• As in the present era we tend to call a person who gets girls to love him a “player”. In this case we can tell that he is a player and this will be proved in the upcoming events in the play.

Act 1 Scene 2
• The setting is at The Capulet’s house
• Lady Capulet discusses with Juliet about her marriage with Paris • She is told that Paris has asked Lord Capulet for permission to be Juliet’s husband • Juliet...
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